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Our restaurant POS and management software help restaurants operate more effectively, manage the operation and focus on customer service.
Restaurant POS Solutions
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Cafes & Coffee Shops

Simply POS is a café POS & point of sale system that can help you better run and manage your business. Take orders, manage your floor, provide better customer service with our all-in-one POS solution
Cafe POS Solutions
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Pizza Shops

Our Pizza POS allows you to better manage your pizza shop by streamlining your processes. Integrate with an online ordering system, get your own Apps and more.
Pizza POS Solutions

Waiter POS, Reporting App, Online Orders and More

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One Stop Shop

Simply POS is your one stop shop for all Point of Sale hardware and software. We offer a variety of products and POS Systems to manage your retail, franchise and hospitality business. Our completely integrated solutions provide all the tools you need to increase cash flow while providing better customer service.


Compare & Save

We stock and distribute products from different providers and all major brands in Australia. We are a software company, so our profit is based on software and not hardware. We understand that researching and comparing POS Systems can be overwhelming so we’ve made the process simple for you.

Advanced Reporting

Your POS System should be easy to setup and simple to use, training new users should take minutes not hours. Your point of sale software should be able to generate daily reports identifying strength and weakness within your sales and measure the success against previous weeks so that you can better forecast your purchase orders.

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