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20% Reseller Discount

*** Have a look at our Reseller's Training User Manual to get insight information about our products and services.

Our resellers get 20% discount on all of our POS software, so they always make a great income by reselling it.


- We do not come in direct contact with our resellers' customers, so that those customers can come back to our resellers, for their software and hardware support needs (out of which the reseller is encouraged to profit themselves and not share those support profits with us).

- Because of your customers' anonymity to us, your customer is also more likely to come back to you for all of their additional software licenses in the future (when they expand from one PC POS station to two or more).

- And last, but not least, we encourage all interested resellers to offer (profit from) on-site POS software training and POS system training, to all interested staff and management.

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