Solutions by Industry
Solutions by Industry

Point of Sale for Restaurants & Cafes

Simply POS by Sassco is probably the World's easiest point of sale system. It offers all the features you would require in a POS System from customer loyalty, to online ordering integration, to table reservation and more.

Our software is generally used in Restaurants and Cafes but can also be used in Pizza restaurants and takeaway shops.

Take it with you to the table

If you're running a busy restaurant or cafe, you can integrate our POS Software with a Waiter POS System where your staff can take a small hand held device (in the form of iPad, iPad mini or Android) to the table, process orders on the go and print inside your kitchen instantly.

All the reporting you need

Quite often, the success or failure of any business relies heavily on the decisions made by the managers and/or owners. Simply POS by Sassco offers over 200 advanced reports that are available to you using your Back Office program.

Reports such as best selling product(s), end of day reports, discounts by item etc.. Are all available and are a few clicks away.

Top questions about POS Software

Is support 24/7?

By purchasing Simply POS by Sassco, you will get a free 12 months subscription to Sassco Support app where you can chat live with our team, ask questions and request onsite visits etc.

Do you install complete systems?

Yes. We are a point of sale software company but we have industry leading installers who will implement an end-to-end solution for your business.

Can I rent your POS System?

You can purchase your own Windows-based POS System, cash drawer and pritenter then rent the software from us on a 24 months installment plan. Otherwise we can supply the entire complete solution on 50% upfront 50% over 12 months.